Using Firefox and FeedbackPanda

When using the Firefox from inside the VIPKid App, it will sometimes lead you to the login page of FeedbackPanda. After clicking, the panda icon it should generate the student feedback. 

If this happens, this might be related to a security setting in Firefox.

Please go to the Firefox preferences menu, from the menu in the top right of your screen. In that, scroll down to the "Privacy and Security" section. It should look like this:

On the bottom, there is a "Delete cookies and site data when firefox is closed". Make sure that is OFF.

I suggest going to the "Manage Permissions" button there too, and adding to the "Allow" list:

The browser is likely removing all our login cookies. The permission might fix that.

If your security settings are more strict, then it may break FeedbackPanda. If FBP can't save your login information, it will think you are a new user every time. So to be able to remember you and pull up your students, it needs to save data to your browser. This why we are asking for adding permissions for

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