What do I do when my VIPKid App updates?

VIPKid often will update and release new versions of their app. This means that our software, aka the FeedbackPanda Launcher, may not appear in your classroom. 

This could be due to a few reasons: 

  1. When the app does an update it asks you to open it for the first time from your start menu on Windows or your Launchpad on an OS. Once you do this, the little pandas will not be there. In order to see the little pandas, you need to open the app with the FeedbackPanda Launcher. So, open your app as it says from the VIPKid instruction side, then close it. Once you close it, open your FeedbackPanda Launcher as you would normally and the panda icons should be there. 

If they are not:

2. What you will need to do is update to the latest version of the FeedbackPanda Launcher by clicking the "Check for a new FeedbackPanda Launcher version here" link inside the FeedbackPanda Launcher or install the latest version from the links provided at: https://help.feedbackpanda.com/article/3007-install-the-teacher-application-integration---feedbackpanda-launcher

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