Do I REALLY need to download the FeedbackPanda Launcher?

Recently, VIPKid moved over from teaching on web browsers, such as Chrome, to their full integrated app. This means that teachers are no longer able to teach using their web browser. 

As a result, we have updated our software so you can access it conveniently from your classroom (just as you did before with your browser). 

In order to do this, you need to download the:  

What this means: 

Once you download the launcher you can easily access FeedbackPanda from inside the classroom.

The question is... "Do I really need this?" 

In short, it's up to you. 

Although you cannot teach from the browser you can still access your panda 🐼 through Chrome using the extension.

If you choose to do it this way, then you simply log into the VIPKid website and access it through your portal in the web browser. 

If you do choose to install the FeedbackPanda launcher you can access your feedback from within the classroom as you have been able to do prior to moving over to the VIPKid app. 

It is ultimately your preference with what you prefer. As someone who tries to do her feedback between classes, I like to race against the clock. For me, it is easier to have the launcher open and with one swift click, I am into the FeedbackPanda website. Then, everything is there together and I can simply go back into my classroom to submit my feedback. 

I like to have easy access to everything when I am teaching whether it is to make notes about my students or reference something about the lesson, if I have the launcher installed I can click the Panda inside the classroom. 

I hope this helps to clear up some questions about deciding whether or not the FeedbackPanda Launcher is helpful or not. I highly recommend it for fast, easy and convenient access to your students' feedback. 

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