The FeedbackPanda Launcher is acting weirdly, it opens a second Launcher / different program

Like many other applications, the FeedbackPanda Launcher has a number of settings and configuration files that may be garbled up on your computer. Here are the steps I suggest you take to a) find those, b) delete those and c) then start the FeedbackPanda Launcher again with fresh settings. 

Before resetting any settings outside of the Launcher, please try the following steps and see if that clears it up.

Open the Launcher, click on the "Settings" link in the bottom right:

In the Settings window, click the "Default Settings" button in the top right corner:

Then click "Save". 

After that, close the Launcher and start it again. It will now be reset to the initial settings, which are very likely to work out of the box.

If it still does not work, please follow the steps below:

Using Windows

The path you will find the FeedbackPanda Launcher settings files is the following:

%APPDATA%\FeedbackPanda Launcher  (please copy this to your clipboard)

In the video following this list, you will see me doing these things:

  1. I have all applications closed. I open a new Explorer window. It shows me recent files and quick access links
  2. I click into the empty area of the location bar, so that I can modify the location
  3. I paste the %APPDATA%\FeedbackPanda Launcher   location in there and press Enter
  4. It navigates to the FeedbackPanda settings files. If this looks any different for you, please stop here and show me a screenshot. We want to make sure you don't delete the wrong things. If the folder contains a file called fbp-launcher-config.json , we are in the right folder.
  5. I then select all files (using Ctrl-A) and then delete them.
  6. Now, the config files being in the trash, I restart the FeedbackPanda Launcher. You can see in the video how it writes fresh new files into that folder.

After that, please give it another try. It should never open itself, so that's why I think the configuration files may be at fault here.

Here is the video showing this process:

Using Mac

Please reach out to our Support Team on the following email: [email protected] for detailed instructions on Mac computers.

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