I am having trouble with my VIPKID Teacher App. Is the FeedbackPanda Launcher responsible?

If you are a Windows user and the VIPKID Teacher App turns into a white / blank screen when using FeedbackPanda, please set your system default browser to anything but Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer (we suggest setting it to Chrome), as described here.

Not likely, as we are testing the FeedbackPanda Launcher constantly to make sure it does not affect the VIPKID Teacher App. If you want to make sure, or are being asked by a VIPKID fireman to restart the Teacher App, please close the FeedbackPanda Launcher as well as the VIPKID Teacher App and then start the VIPKID Teacher App normally from the Desktop. 

For general advice on how to fix a malfunctioning VIPKID Teacher App, please see this article.

The FeedbackPanda Launcher offers a setting to optimise your experience based on your operating system and speed of your connection. To see if this helps with your VIPKID Teacher App troubles, open the Settings screen from the link in the bottom right of your FeedbackPanda Launcher:

Then, click the VIPKID Connector Mode dropdown in the VIPKID section of the Settings screen and select a slower mode than the one that you have currently selected:

After that, click Save. It is best restart the FeedbackPanda Launcher after that. Once you launch the VIPKID Teacher App from within the Launcher again, it will now use the newly selected Connector Mode.

On some systems, the VIPKID Teacher App will crash for no discernible reason. In those cases, we recommend using the browser extension inside the Chrome browser as an alternative. Or wait until your classes are finished for the day to use the FeedbackPanda Launcher. 

If you want to use FeedbackPanda from within the VIPKID Teacher App, but also teach through a non-FeedbackPanda-enabled VIPKID Teacher App, you can also run a "normal" VIPKID Teacher App (by starting it normally from the Desktop or Applications folder) and teach through that while having a launcher-started VIPKID Teacher App running in the background.

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