Can I start the VIPKID Teacher App first, and then the FeedbackPanda Launcher?

To get FeedbackPanda into the VIPKID Teacher App, the starting order has to be:

  • 1. Start the FeedbackPanda Launcher
  • 2. Launch the VIPKID Teacher App by clicking the "Launch" button in the FeedbackPanda Launcher

When in doubt, close both the VIPKID Teacher App and the FeedbackPanda Launcher and start them up as described above.

I closed the FeedbackPanda Launcher and now my Panda buttons don't work anymore.

The FeedbackPanda Launcher is required to be running and connected to the VIPKID Teacher App for the Panda buttons to work. Please restart the FeedbackPanda Launcher, and if it does not automatically reconnect, please close the VIPKID Teacher App and start it using the FeedbackPanda Launcher.

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