Merge Feedback for duplicate Students

Why are there duplicates?

Occasionally, you may encounter duplicate Students in your FeedbackPanda database. This often happens in the beginning, when teachers initially create Students manually (without their Student ID), and then use the Browser Extension later, which creates a duplicate Student (with their Student ID). Very rarely, the teaching portal classrooms also don't provide a working Student ID due to software issues, which causes potential duplication too.

How to de-duplicate Students while keeping their Feedback

Here is a video de-duplicating the Feedback for a Student:

Here are the steps to de-duplicate, with in-depth explanations:

Go to the Students list:

In that list, find the Students that you have duplicates for:

Check the Students in that list and find the one that has the least amount of Feedback. That will be the Duplicate Student. The Student with the most Feedback will be the Original Student. You can see that number by clicking the gray button "Show all Feedback" in each row.

Rename that Duplicate Student to something like "DUPLICATE Emily" by clicking the blue "Edit" button in the respective row:

Then click " Save Changes to the Student". Now, click the "Show all Feedback" button for the Duplicate Student:

In the Feedback list, click the " Edit Feedback" button for each Feedback listed:

In that window, click the " Edit" field after hovering over the Student section in the top left:

In the list that opens, select the Original Student and click the "Select…" button in their row. With the correct Student newly selected, click the "Save and Close" button:

At this point, please refresh your browser window. This should load the All my Feedback page.

Repeat this for each Feedback, until there is no more Feedback listed. After that, go back to the Students page like in the first step.

Now that the Duplicate Student has no more Feedback, it can be safely deleted:

Click the red " Delete" button on the right of the Duplicate Student.

Repeat this for any duplicate students you may have.

Here again is the step-by-step video:

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