The little panda isn’t in my classroom?

To have the panda button show up in your VIPKID classroom you must be using the Firefox, Edge or Chrome web browser with the browser extension installed.

Never installed the extension before?

To get the browser extension open the browser that you would like to install the browser extension on and visit the browser extension installation page on our homepage:

Already have the extension installed?

You may need to re-enable it or restart your browser. This is necessary when the browser extension has been updated or Google Chrome has automatically updated to a new version. If you have the time, please restart the computer to make sure this is not just a fluke of the browser due to updated versions or memory pressure.

You can easily see all your installed extension by going to "Settings (three dots in the top right corner) / More Tools / Extensions". There, any disabled extension will be greyed out, and show a button or switch to re-enable it. Please also make sure to refresh your teaching portal web pages after enabling the extension.

Signing out of Chrome and back in has also shown to help many of our teachers. That process clears a number of browser caches that a normal refresh does not clear. Please try this option of just enabling does not show results/

Sometimes, we update our browser extension in a way that requires us to ask for more permissions, for example when we add another ESL online school integration. In those cases, the extension may automatically disable and then ask for more permissions. You can re-enable it in your Settings menu, looking similar to this:

Click the line where the FeedbackPanda extension asks for more permissions and then allow. We will only display the FeedbackPanda button on ESL portals, and we will not track or read any of your browsing activity. The browser extension source code comes with the extension, so it can be inspected by a programmer at any time. We guarantee your security privacy in regards to our browser extension.

Something seems to be wrong with the extension?

Sometimes, re-enabling the extension may not work or Chrome can damage the extension files, e.g. when an automatic update goes wrong. Other times, you might just want to re-install the extension from scratch. In these cases, we suggest you remove the browser extension completely. You can re-install it right from this page on our website.

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