Getting Started without an Integration

Are you a Brick & Mortar teacher or a teacher that FeedbackPanda doesn't integrate with yet? Not to worry! Learn how to get started and use FeedbackPanda "from scratch" here.

You can read the instructions below, or scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch a video tutorial.

  1. First, you'll want to add your Custom School or Brick & Mortar school. Hover your mouse over the school name and click on Create New School.

2. In the dropdown, select either Brick & Mortar School or Custom School.

3. Enter your school's name and click on the green Create this School button. You'll then see a Video Intro & Tutorial, then you'll confirm your email address and receive access to videos to get you started.

4. Now you can add your students by hovering your mouse over the school name and click on Students.

Brick & Mortar teachers - visit this article to learn how FeedbackPanda can import your students for you.

5. On the Students page, click on Add Student.

6. You can now enter the student's information. The only required field is the student's name, all other information is optional.

7. To add your courses, hover over the school name again, and select Courses.

8. Click on Add Course.

9. Now enter your Course Name. That is the only required field for courses, the rest are optional.

10. Now you can create your templates. Hover your mouse over the school name and click on Templates.

11. Click on Add Template.

12. Select your course in the dropdown. You can now enter a Template Name and select the number of stars for the Student's Performance.

You can copy and paste templates into either the Male or Female Template, or you can type that in. Click on the Generate button for whichever template box you did not type in. This will pull in the text from the opposite side and our machine learning will update pronouns.

Make sure to type [name] in brackets as seen here - this will automatically pull in the student's name each time you use the template. Also, please read through the template after generating it on the opposite side - the machine learning is very good, but may not be 100% perfect.

13. You're now ready to create feedback! Hover your mouse over the school name and select Feedback.

14. Now click on New Feedback.

15. Hover over Student to create a new student or select an existing one.

16. Now do the same for Course.

17. If you only have 1 template for that course, it will automatically be pulled in. Otherwise, you can create a new template or click on Change to select the one you want to use.

18. You can now click on Copy Feedback and paste that wherever it needs to go!

19. You are able to add a Reward System and/or Teacher's Notes if you would like. This information will only be visible to you!

20. Click Save & Close, and you're done!

View the video tutorial here:

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