A GoGoKid student shows as "new", but I am sure I have taught them before.

Why this happens

It appears that GoGoKid does not expose the Student ID number in their teaching portal anymore, as they are moving to a new classroom system that does not require this ID to work.

Here are the steps we took to remedy this and how you can still use FeedbackPanda efficiently:

The browser extension will still detect the class and classroom ID numbers reliably, but the student ID is not communicated to the browser anymore. That means we can not detect it like we used to in the past.

With a student ID absent, we can still generate a unique ID for each student, allowing them to be kept separate in your database. However, existing GoGoKid students in your FeedbackPanda database with their old (now undetectable) student ID will not be correctly retrieved anymore, and a duplicate student will be created.

What we have done to fix this

We have since released an update to our browser extension. Clicking the panda button inside GoGoKid with the latest version of the FeedbackPanda Browser Extension will generate a unique ID like Eric-14182372  instead of the old numerical ID. 

This works from the version 1.21.12+ of the FeedbackPanda Browser Extension. You can learn more about how to manually update the browser extension in the section "Updating the Browser Extension" here in case it did not yet update automatically for you.

If you click the Panda and encounter a student you have taught before, but it shows as a new student, we have since built a "find my previous Student feature" as well as provided a manual way of migrating the new student ID over to your OLD student data in FeedbackPanda.

AUTOMATED Find my Previous Student Feature 

IMPORTANT: Take the following actions immediately after clicking the Panda Button. For the feature to work, you have to merge the Student ID BEFORE saving any newly created Feedback. The moment you save Feedback to the duplicate Student, our system will assume it is not a duplicate anymore.

In the most recent FeedbackPanda interface, when you use the Panda Buttons and a new (duplicate) Student is created for you, there will be a yellow button in the Create new Feedback screen called "I have taught this Student before". Click that.

A new window will open and start loading some data from our servers. In this window, we comb through your old students and your Panda Button usage history to find students that are similar in name or birthday to the new Student that was just created. 

Likely candidates are presented in a list with additional information. If you find your student there, click the green "Merge Student ID" button on the right side for that student.

Confirm this message. The Edit Student window will open. Notice how the NEW Student ID is pre-filled into the Student ID field. 

Click "Save Changes to this Student" to make sure the new ID is associated with your old Student record.

The duplicate student has been automatically deleted for you. After clicking "Save Changes", the old Student record will be selected for your feedback.

All done! The old Student record now has the new Student ID, and the duplicate Student record was automatically deleted.


MANUAL Step-by-step Student ID Migration Guide 

The following guide will show in detail how to migrate the new Student ID from a duplicate student to the original student.

The quick reference version is "Click Panda. Edit duplicate student, copy ID to clipboard, delete ID, save. Select old student from list. Edit old student, paste ID from clipboard, save. Done".

Here is a quick walkthrough of those steps, with annotations.

Also, Teacher Dani made a video about this, showing (most of) the steps here. (Dani forgot to paste the new student ID into the old student record. That is important for the student to be picked up in the future, so please don't skip that step).

We recommend watching this, and then reading through the detailed steps that follow.

Detailed Steps for Student ID Migration

Starting after you clicked the Panda Button and a duplicate student was created, take these actions:

  • 1. In the Create new Feedback window with the Student that is shown to be a "new Student" but you know you already have them in your database, hover your mouse over the "Student" section on the left and click "Edit"
  • 2. Copy the Student ID to your clipboard. It should look like their name, a dash, and a number, like Emily-1372636800  in the screenshot.
  • 3. Delete the Student ID from that student by emptying the text field. Then click the "Save" button.

    (Deleting the ID is important, so that this duplicate student will not be automatically selected the next time you click the panda button for the student you know you already have in the database)
  • 4. Hover your mouse over the "Student" section and click "Change".
  • 5. In the window that opens, select your old student entry.

    (You can filter the list of students by typing parts of their name into the search box. Select the student with a numerical ID like 1234567  in the example. That is your old student. If you have multiple students with the same name, select the one you think it is, then check if it is the correct student, and click "Change" again if you need to select another student)
  • 6. With the old student entry selected, click "Edit" again, and paste the new Student ID over the old student ID. Then click the "Save" button.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you paste the student ID here and save. Only after doing that will future panda button clicks automatically select this student.

    If you want to keep their old Student ID around for any reason, we recommend pasting the new ID into the description field, then copying the old ID, pasting that one into description field as well and then copying the new ID and pasting that one into the Student ID field. That way, you can keep both IDs in the record, but only the new one will be used for automatic retrieval).

Your student ID is now migrated correctly for this student and will be detected reliably in the future.

This only needs to be done once per student. You can delete the duplicate student entry or ignore it. Just make sure the student ID is ONLY set for your old, actual student record. You can find out more about how to delete students here.

Here again are the steps as a short am memorable list: 

"Click Panda. Edit duplicate student, copy ID, delete ID, save. Select old student from list. Edit old student, paste ID, save. Done".


If you lost the new Student ID (by copying something else by mistake), just close the tab and click on the Panda button again from the classroom. It will create another new student with the new Student ID.

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