When I use the Panda buttons, they create duplicate Students, not using my manually created Students

Why is this happening?

This happens for teachers start using any of our integrations after having used FeedbackPanda without any integration for a while. 

Our integrations extract the unique ID numbers for classes, courses and students from the teaching portals into which they integrate. Those numbers are usually hidden inside the application data and are not visible to the teacher. If you created your Students manually, those ID numbers were not attached to your Students. FeedbackPanda uses these numbers to differentiate Students with the same name.

Whenever a FeedbackPanda integration gets clicked, it extracts this informations and sends it to our servers. Our system checks if you already have a Student with that Student ID. If you do, that Student gets used. If you don't, a new Student gets created, with the Student ID that was transmitted. In your FeedbackPanda interface, this Student will have no description and no feedback attached, as it is newly created. Your old Student is still around, but as it does have no Student ID attached, it won't be recognized until it does.

Is there a quick fix for now?

We offer a setting to turn off this behavior. Click "Settings" in your navigation bar, then "My Settings":

In the window that opens, deselect the first option:

That will stop our system from automatically creating new Students for you. However, this means that will always have to manually create your Students, and the feature of automatically selecting your Students for you will be disabled. You will continue to run the risk of selecting the wrong Student. 

Next up, I will show how to correct this issue lesson-by-lesson.

What is the best long-term solution? 

We suggest to leave the automatic Create-new-Student feature turned on and fixing your Students one at a time, whenever you teach a lesson.

Here is how this works:

  • Make sure the "Automatically create new Students from the Browser Extension" setting shown above is turned on.
  • Click the Panda button from inside your teaching portal.
  • If a new Student is created even though you know that you have taught this student before, you will need to copy the Student ID over to the old Student entry.
  • Make sure the Student is really newly created. It should have no description and been taught 0 times:
  • Hover your mouse over the Student section and click "Edit":
  • In the Edit Student view, select and copy the Student ID. Then, remove the Student ID from that field and click "Save Changes to this Student". It is important that you first copy and then remove the Student ID completely in this step: 
  • Now, close out of the Create new Feedback view and go back to your Dashboard. Hover your  mouse over your school name in the navigation bar up top and select "Students":
  • In the Students view, enter the name of your Student and find the original Student record you created. It will likely be the one with a few lessons taught, while all the other newly created Student records will show as new Students:
  • Click the blue pencil / Edit button on the right side in the row of your original Student record. In the Edit Student view that opens, paste the Student ID you copied into the Student ID field. Then, click "Save Changes for this Student":
  • Done! You can now click the Panda button in your teaching portal again and it will pull up the correct Student. 

Here is a short video taking all these steps: https://v.usetapes.com/R5xwiIGo0E

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