How to Use & Run FeedbackPanda Launcher

  1. Start the FeedbackPanda Launcher from your desktop, dock (Mac), or taskbar (Windows).
  2. Click the "Launch VIPKid + FeedbackPanda" button or the "Launch GoGoKid + FeedbackPanda" button. This will start the Teacher App and integrate FeedbackPanda into it.
  3. You can now click the Panda Buttons in your Class List, Classrooms, and Parent Feedback list.

Here is a 40-second video made by Teacher Gabrielle, showing how the FeedbackPanda Launcher works with VIPKid:

You can find Teacher Gabrielle's blog post about the FeedbackPanda Launcher on our blog.

Important: Leave FeedbackPanda Launcher running while you use the VIPKid or GoGoKid Teacher App. 

On Windows, if you close the FeedbackPanda Launcher while the VIPKid Teacher App is running, the VIPKid or GoGoKid Teacher App will also be closed.
On Mac, you can close the FeedbackPanda Launcher while using the VIPKid or GoGoKid Teacher App, but the panda buttons will only work as long as the FeedbackPanda Launcher is running.

If you click on the Panda Buttons and they open in the wrong browser, please see this article about how you can change the system default browser.

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