Does FeedbackPanda modify the VIPKID Teacher App?

No. Using the FeedbackPanda Launcher to launch the VIPKID Teacher App does not modify the app or its digital signature. Just like with the Browser Extension, the FeedbackPanda buttons are added to the pages opened inside the VIPKID Teacher App.

The Launcher starts the Teacher App in the same way as if you had started it yourself, and it then maintains a connection to the Teacher App to install the FeedbackPanda Browser Extension while the VIPKID Teacher App is running.

No parts of the VIPKID Teacher App are added, modified or removed. Running the VIPKID Teacher App without FeedbackPanda is done by starting the VIPKID Teacher App the conventional way. The panda buttons will only ever occur after launching the VIPKID Teacher App through the FeedbackPanda Launcher.

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