Having multiple Signatures

If you want to use different Signatures for your Schools, please follow these steps:

First, select the School you want to use a custom Signature for in the navigation menu, like "VIPKID" in the following picture. Then select "Settings", and then "My Signature".

Here, you will see an empty field or your default, global Signature. 

Hint: the global Signature will be used as a default for schools that you are not setting a custom Signature for.

Now, select "Customize signature for each school" on the bottom. 

The input field will become empty, waiting for you to add your custom Signature for this School. Once you're done, click "Save Signature".

From now on, your custom Signature will be used for this School when you click the "Add Signature" button inside the Create new Feedback window.

Repeat for any other School you want to set a custom Signature for.

Here is a video showing how editing and saving multiple Signatures works.

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