Importing VIPKID Parent Feedback

What do I need to do to be able to import Parent Feedback?

To import Parent Feedback, a few prerequisites need to be present:

You will need to have the Browser Extension installed

If you don't have done that yet, please go to and install the correct version for your browser. Please make sure that you will need to install at least version 1.21.0 of the extension for Parent Feedback import to be possible. 

For each Parent Feedback you want to import, the Student Feedback needs to be present

We can only import Parent Feedback to FeedbackPanda if you have created Student Feedback for that Student/Course combination beforehand. This Feedback also needs to be created using the Browser Extension, as this will include the correct IDs through which we can match the Student Feedback with the Parent Feedback

How do I import Parent Feedback?

The Browser Extension installs a button inside your Feedback tab. It will look like this after the Parent Feedback has loaded, located on the bottom right:

If you click that button, a new tab will open to FeedbackPanda, starting the import process. After a few seconds, the import results will be shown, like this:

There are three different "Status" that will be shown on the left:

  • Successfully added: The Parent Feedback was matched with a Student Feedback and added to it
  • Previous Parent Feedback: The Parent Feedback was matched with a Student Feedback, but it already has Parent Feedback attached
  • No Feedback found: The Parent Feedback could not be matched with a Student Feedback. The Student Feedback needs to be added first

If you want to import more Parent Feedback, you can click the "Loading more" button inside the VIPKID Feedback page. It will load ten more items, and the Panda button will reflect that:

If you click the Panda button now, the newly loaded items will be imported. To import all of your Parent Feedback, rinse and repeat.

How can I import all of my Parent Feedback at once?

You can either use the "load more and then import" action described in the previous section as long as necessary to import all of your Parent Feedback, or you can click "Load more" repeatedly until all of your Parent Feedback is loaded on the VIPKID Feedback page. Then, click the Panda button. It will tell you that it will now import the oldest 100 items. After importing these, you can click the Panda button again, and it will import the second-oldest 100 items. Click the button until all of your Parent Feedback has been imported.

PLEASE NOTE: The Panda buttons memory of what it has already imported is erased when you reload the VIPKID Feedback page.

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