New Interactive Lessons - Using, Saving, and Tagging multiple templates for one lesson

You can save multiple templates to accommodate for things such as the student's performance rating or for old and new curriculum.

Let me show you how to get things organized using the example of the new interactive curriculum and the original curriculum lesson. In this situation you will need both templates. 

Since both interactive and original lessons use the same course code, we will need to save multiple templates to one course.

Saving Multiple Templates

You can save multiple templates for each course. A new template is automatically saved when you import it from the cloud. You can also save multiple templates by choosing "new" when hoverin over the Template info section. 

Do not edit the original template this will overwrite your original template.

When you save the templates give them distinguishable names so that you can choose them easily and tag them so that the correct template can be automatically chosen by the browser extension. 

For our example: one template will be named
and the other Original

Choose the correct template 

  1. Hover over the template info and click select or choose.

Select the Template that you would like to use from the list of saved templates. 


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