How does sharing a Template work on the FeedbackPandaCloud?

When you share a template, you allow other people to see and import it on the FeedbackPandaCloud. 

It is not copied there, it is made accessible through the Cloud, although in a limited, read-only way. Imagine the Cloud to be a shared database, where everyone can read the templates other teachers made visible. 

When you change your template, those changes will be reflected in the Cloud almost immediately. So there is no "shared version" of your template, it's always the most current one you have in your own database.

There is only one time when a copy is made, and that is when a teacher imports a template from the Cloud. At that point, we create a copy of the shared template and add that copy to the teacher's database. From then on, the copy can only be changed by the teacher who imported it. If you change your shared template, new changes will not be applied to the imported template.

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