How do I import a template from the Cloud?

There are 2 different ways to import a Template from the FeedbackPandaCloud. 

Option 1: From Create New Feedback window 

  1. Hover over the template section of the feedback window.
  2. Click on Cloud

3. Preview the templates by clicking on them from the list on the left side.
4. Sort them by most popular or recently updated.
5. Click Import this Template when you find one that you like. 

6. Customize the template to your own taste: You need only edit one of the 2 templates. It is best to edit the male side. Check the spelling and grammar and remove the template owner's name.  
7. Generate the Template to the other gender to make sure both versions are saved with your changes. If you made changes to the male side, you should click Generate Female Template.
8. Click Import this Template to finish.

Option 2: Straight to the Cloud

You can access the FeedbackPandaCloud from your dashboard. You can browse templates to add to you existing library OR add templates for courses you have not taught yet*. 

  1. Click the FeedbackPandaCloud from the dashboard
  2. Search or scroll through the list of courses to find a corresponding Template.
  3. Click on a course on the left side to display the list of templates.

Continue by following steps 3 - 8 from Option 1

*If you have not yet taught or created a course for which you are browsing templates on the FeedbackPandaCloud, you will be given the option to create the course from the Cloud to keep your records organized and the creation process as simple as possible. You must choose to create the course if you do not already have the course in your database. 


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