How can I import Feedback from VIPKID?

At this point, we can not yet offer automatic import of Feedback you have written before you started using FeedbackPanda.

However, if you want to manually import Feedback you have already written, you can follow these steps to do so:

  1. Make sure to use a browser that supports our FeedbackPanda browser extension (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox). If you haven't already, install the browser extension, see .
  2. For each Feedback you want to import, do this:
  3. Go to the classroom for which you have written that Feedback
  4. Copy the Feedback you have written to the clipboard (Ctrl-C or Cmd-V)
  5. Click the Panda button
  6. When the "Create new Feedback" window opens, fill out all missing Student and Course Information on the left. This might require creating the Student or Course.
  7. Make sure you select the correct date of when you taught this Student.
  8. Create a Template and paste your Feedback into the appropriate field, depending on the gender of the Student. Replace all occurrences of the Student's name with [name]  and generate the template for the other gender by clicking the button under the empty text field. 
  9. Save the Template.
  10. Your "Create new Feedback" window will now contain your Feedback text. Save that Feedback. You have successfully imported your Feedback.
  11. Repeat for any other old Feedback.

We understand that this is pretty laborious, but it allows you to create Feedback Templates from your existing Feedback, which can and will be reused when you next teach those classes.


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