I see a blank screen when I load FeedbackPanda, it won't load

Please check your URL bar. If you find anything resembling the URL https://arvidkahl.eu.auth0... , please continue with the following article:

Instruction to fix the Third-Party-Cookie issue.

If you are indeed on a FeedbackPanda domain like app.feedbackpanda.com, please continue here.

Whenever you get a completely white / blank screen when accessing app.feedbackpanda.com, please take the following troubleshooting steps and check after each one whether the problem still persists.

  1. Reload the page, Cmd-R (Mac), Ctrl-R (Windows)
  2. Restart the browser
  3. Restart your computer

If it is still not loading, the issue sounds most like a persistent problem with the browser cache. If even rebooting / restarting does not fix it, it might be necessary to either clear the browser cache completely OR - which is preferable - doing a hard reload of the FeedbackPanda application. Depending on what computer you use, it should be Command-Shift-R (Mac) or Control-Shift-R (Windows) when you are on the FeedbackPanda tab. This will refresh ALL cached parts of the site, including scripts, images and other relevant files. Any corrupted file will be overwritten by a hopefully correct version.

This is likely a culmination of a botched update or an interrupted connection combined with a crashing part of a program. Does sometimes happen, but it's hard to remedy, since most browsers actually have self-healing mechanisms - and when THOSE don't work, you know that there is a problem.

The interesting question, should this still fail, is whether you can access app.feedbackpanda.com from another browser, Safari, IE, Firefox, you name it. If you can't, then the problem might not be your computer but the network between you and our server. Sometimes, the DNS services, which are responsible for routing web request around the web, have partial outages and "forget" where certain websites are. This is usually remedied by the network itself, but it might take a while.

If you want to make sure DNS is not the issue, you might want to reboot your router / modem.

If all this fails, the problem might lie with FeedbackPanda itself. Please check our website and app to see if any of those two work. If only one works, it may be an outage on our end or on the network. If both don't work, it is more likely that our infrastructure is experiencing trouble. In this case, please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for status updated about any potential outages. 

You can always reach Support at the following email address: [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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