How do I add a template?

There are a few different ways to create a Template depending on where you are in the Feedback creating process.

From the Create New Feedback window

There are 2 options for creating a Template from the Create New Feedback window. The good news is that you will only ever need to create a Template once and then it will be stored for every time you teach this course in the future. You can of course edit the Template at any time after it is saved.

Option 1: Create a new Template

  1. Hover over the Template section and Click New.
  2. Check the Template name and add any information that you feel may be helpful.
  3. Write the Male version of the Template on the left side using male pronouns. 
  4. Use the [name] placeholder everywhere where you want the student's name to be generated. 
  5. Click Generate Female Template. 

     6. Click the green Create this Template to finish. 

Option 2: FeedbackPandaCloud

If you would like to take a Template that another teacher has shared or look for inspiration while writing your own, you can explore the FeedbackPandaCloud. 

  1. Click FeedbackPandaCloud.
  2. Click on the Templates on the right side to preview the Template. 
  3. Click Import when you find one that you like. 
  4. Customize the template to your own taste: Check the spelling and grammar and remove the template owner's name. It is best to edit the male side. 
  5. Generate the Template to the other gender to make sure both versions are saved with your changes. 
  6. Click Import this Template to finish.

Learn more about importing templates from the Cloud.

From the All My Templates Page

To add a Template, you must first create the corresponding course. There can be no Template without a course first. You can add a Template from the All my Templates page, by clicking on Add Template.

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