How do I add a course?

There are a few different ways to create a course depending on where you are in the Feedback creating process. 

From the Create New Feedback window

There are 3 options for creating a new course from the Create New Feedback window. The good news is that you will only ever need to create a course once and then it will be stored for every time you teach this course in the future.

Option 1: Add Course

  1. Hover over the Course text and click New.
  2. Add the course name and add any information that you feel may be helpful.
  3. If you know the course ID number add it in the Course ID section.
  4. Click the green Create the Course to finish. 

Option 2: FeedbackPandaCloud

Combine the course and template creating process by going straight to the cloud. 

  1. Click FeedbackPandaCloud.
  2. Find and import a template to automatically create the course.

Learn more about importing templates from the Cloud

From the All My Courses Page

You can add a course from the All my Courses page, by clicking on Add Course.
You can then later assign an ID to the course by following the directions in Option 3. 

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