How do I edit or delete Templates?

There are 2 different ways to access and edit Templates. To delete see option 2.  

Option 1: From the Create New Feedback window

  1. Hover over the Template section and click Edit

     2. Add desired edits. If editing the template, add desired edits to one version of the template.
     3. Generate to the other gender. (If you have edited the female side,click Generate Male Template to create the same text for the male template.
     4. Click Save Changes to this Template to         finish. 

Option 2: From All My Templates view

  1. Open All My Templates view. You can navigate to that view by hovering your mouse over the name of your school in the navigation bar, and then clicking "Templates" in the menu that opens up
  2. Use the search box to find the desired template more quickly.
  1. Search for Templates by name or course name. 
  2. Notice the Action buttons on the right side. 
  3. The pencil will open the Template info to edit.
  4. The trash can will delete the Template.

Click the links to learn more about template sharing on the FeedbackPandaCloud and how to edit templates before adding them to your library

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